Northstar Auditorium Sound and Video Process Guide

The goal of this page is to allow for anyone that needs to use the auditorium sound and video capabilities to have access to a step-by-step process outline that is easy to understand and navigate. Use the images (all clickable and expandable) as reference to see what specific items are needed for each specific step. Please make sure that you follow these steps in order so as to not cause damage to the equipment.



sound Step 1

Start at the sound board case. Use the key to open the case entirely and power on both the power supply (A) and the board itself. The power switch for the board is on the rear side on the right. You will find wireless mics in the drawer (B) and the remote to turn on the projector is generally here (C).

A video with specific sound board instructions follows below.

From here proceed to the stage.

Sound Step 2

Proceed to the stage where you will find a power conditioner in a rack unit. This is what sends the input from the stage to the board and the board to the speakers. Turn on this power conditioner (A).

Sound step 3

Proceed right into the turret room (the giant cedar shingle covered room to your right).

You will need a step ladder in order to turn on the amplifiers which power the speakers for the main room. Turn on all 3 amps (A-C) as well as the power conditioner (D).

Sound step 4:

Basic sound board functionality

This video will give you a very basic overview of how to control the bare minimum for a simple setup.

Sound power down

When turning off the system, please power everything off in reverse using this order:

-Power off the Amps and power conditioner in the turret room.
-Power off the stage power conditioner.
-Power off the soundboard and its power conditioner.
-Return the microphones and make sure they have been powered off.
-Close the soundboard console up and lock it.

VIDEO and lights SETUP

VIDEO & Lights STEP 1

Go to the media control room (in between the cafe, “kitchen”, and auditorium). You will see a rack unit with multiple power conditioners. Power all of them on (A-C).


VIDEO & Lights STEP 2

To turn on the stage lights, first make sure you have completed step 1. Next locate the small iPad with the dark blue case. Open the iPad and first make sure that the WiFi connection on the iPad is connected to Lights. If you have just turned on the power conditioners in the media control room then it can take a minute for the Lights router to power on. After connecting, open the Luminair app and you will see a screen that looks like it does on the left. You will want to stay with presets (B) in terms of lighting- but one thing to be aware of is the Black Out button (A). If this is RED then all lights are blacked out. Unclick this if you don’t have any light, and click it at the end to power them off.

VIDEO & Lights STEP 3

The presentation software we use is called Pro Presenter and is very simple. All you will need to do to control the Pro Presenter is to find a volunteer to sit in the media room, launch the Program from the iMac and click and follow along with whatever the event is that you are doing. Make sure that the Output button along the top bar of Pro Presenter is clicked in order for it to display in the auditorium.

If you had a playlist created for you for your event, the Playlists are in the bottom right corner of the application.

video and lights power down

Please be sure to remember to power everything down.

-Turn off the stage lights using the BO (Black Out) button on the iPad.
-Turn off the projector with the remote.
-Turn off the lights in the auditorium using the wall switches.
-Turn off the power conditioners in the media room.