So much of what Northstar does occurs outside the building. Local opportunities to serve our community are happening all the time. Check out the list below and join us. 

The care center

We operate a free resource center, The Care Center, out of Northstar every 1st and 3rd Wednesday night of the month from 7-8:15pm. Our mission is to provide holistic care for the whole person. This means that not only do we provide free personal care items, but we also offer opportunities for relational, spiritual, and life skill support and training.

Volunteers are a vital part of The Care Center. As a non-profit organization, The Care Center relies on a variety of volunteers from across the city to help fulfill its mission and continue to expand its reach. Currently, we need volunteers to help at our Wednesday Night Connects on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Interested in using your unique skills and experiences to help support The Care Center? Sign-up for a volunteer role today.  If you are interested in volunteering during the Care Center's Wednesday evening open hours, sign-up here or visit the Care Center website for more details. Contact Greg Knake with any questions at 513.205.5864 or


Grafted is dedicated to welcoming orphans and vulnerable children and supporting foster and adoptive families. If you are an adoptive family, foster family, or Safe Families host, or if you are feeling tugged to investigate, please join our community! We'd love to help support your journey through education, adoption grants, and fellowship. To get connected, contact Mike and Anne Jutt at

the help program

We help with utilities, rent, food, and other items throughout the week for folks in our community who have physical needs. We will help people out with five $30 dollar gifts ($150 total for one year), but they first have to join us on an outreach or contribute in some other (approximately) hour-long community service to receive each of those $30 gifts. This is one of the ways we empower those we serve while helping restore dignity. Volunteer by making phone calls, delivering food, or by helping meet other practical needs.

holiday outreach

Throughout the year we host holiday outreaches to reach out to our community.

  • Easter Egg Outreach: on-site Easter Egg hunts at various apartment complexes in Loveland.

  • Turkeyfest: city-wide outreach to provide a complete Thanksgiving meal to under-resourced families.

  • The Christmas Store: an opportunity for children from under-resourced families to shop for Christmas gifts for their parents, take free family portraits and enjoy dessert together.

  • Operation Christmas Child: sharing Jesus with children in impoverished countries through gift-filled shoe boxes.

Interfaith hospitality network

Interfaith Hospitality Network is a local organization that helps homeless families get back on their feet. Northstar partners with other local Loveland churches to host IHN at St. Columban church twice a year. There are lots of opportunities for families to serve. To serve at our next event, please call Shelly Karle at 513-722-6560 or email at


Jacob’s Ladder is a 12-month empowerment program for high school seniors who want to further their education but may not have the financial means to do so. If participants meet all the requirements (mentoring, community service, maintaining grades, attending life skill and spiritual classes, etc.) then they will be rewarded a $3000 scholarship for college. From facilitating classes to mentoring, there are many ways to help. If interested in learning more about how you can help (or if you want to apply), contact Kim Salvage at or (513) 667-7110.

jail ministry

We travel to the Hamilton County Jail at 9am on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month to host a time of Bible study, worship, discussion and prayer for male and female inmates. No skills are needed - only that you have a heart for those in jail and the desire to listen to others. This opportunity is very safe for both men and women,  but you must be 18 years or older and appropriate paperwork needs to be completed. For more information contact Steve Freedman at


There are approximately 400 fatherless kids in the communities we serve. Knowing how important it is for children to have positive role models in their lives, Pathfinders matches up children in our community with a loving male or female mentor. If you’d be interested in mentoring a fatherless child in our community, contact Greg Knake at 513.205.5864 or

saturday morning missions

You don’t have to go across the globe to have a mission trip type experience. Outreach to our neighbors in need happens every Saturday morning (rain or shine) leaving from Northstar at 11am. Great for everyone - families, individuals, groups, and even those with little or no outreach experience at all. Just show up! This is an opportunity to meet the practical needs of our neighbors and meet others at Northstar as we serve the community for about 50 minutes. Afterwards, we grab lunch together. Contact Greg Knake with any questions at 513.205.5864 or

SPark: Life Change

Spark exists to help improve the lives of our under-resourced neighbors by propelling people to take the next step in life. This is a new life development opportunity at the Care Center that takes the best of the Solomon Program and LifeWorks and combines it into one new program. We create this spark for life change through one-on one coaching and practical life skill workshops. Participants also earn a grant that helps remove the barriers that keep people from getting ahead and moving towards self-sufficiency.  If you are interested in serving as a coach/mentor or helping facilitate a workshop contact Greg Knake at 513.205.5864 or