we recognize…

We recognize how crucial security is to you and your family as you entrust your children into our care on Sunday mornings. With that in mind, Northstar Kids utilizes a check-in system to ensure each child is as safe and secure as possible.

To check your child into the nursery or any of the children's classes, please visit one of the check-in kiosks located in the hallway in front of the entrance to the classrooms. Trained Northstar Kids greeters are available to assist you if needed. 

Each time your child is in the nursery or attends class, you will follow this same procedure to check in your child. Your child will be given a room assignment and a name tag that contains a security code. You will be given tags that contain the same security code. You must show these security tags when entering and picking up your child from your classroom. Place the tag on your child’s shirt and a trained Northstar Kids volunteer will be waiting by the entrance to escort you and your child to their classroom. When the service ends, proceed to your child's classroom where you can pick them up. Remember to keep your security tag. You will need that tag to pick up your child after services.