We are created to grow, worship and experience Jesus within community. It's there that we can truly thrive and become the people God created us to be. Jump into one of these opportunties below and experience the joy of authentic community. 


Our Sunday morning celebration is a time to re-orient your life around the story that God is creating in and through you and the larger story God is weaving in history right now. The driving purpose behind weekly community-based worship, communion, teaching and prayer is to help us fix our gaze on Jesus, re-focus our heart and head and experience Jesus within community.

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MIssional communities

A Missional Community is a group of 20-50 people on a common mission together. These mid-size groups act like extended families, meant to create a stronger sense of belonging and purpose within the larger Northstar community. Each one has a unique mission that guides everything they do. The gatherings are very welcoming, much like a family reunion. We gather together to deepen our relationship with God, with each other, and with those in our community. 

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Micro Churches meet one Sunday morning each month in homes for a deeper community experience of our normal Sunday celebration. We watch the live video of the Sunday service in a small group setting (10-30 people) while offering creative ways to worship, pray, and invest in our children. 

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Prophetic Prayer & Communion

Every few months, we host a corporate time of hearing from God and remembering His promises. We meet in the auditorium from 7-9pm quarterly on Friday nights to experience corporate prayer and communion. A brief time of worship and reflection will lead us to a time where we invite God to speak to us through His word, His Spirit and His people. Come and join us for this unique prayer experience.

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